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About Everlong Foo Fighters Tribute

"Hello.  I've waited here for you..."

It’s what you want to hear.  The thundering of the drums. A beat that begs for a throaty bass rhythm to answer.  Where a soaring distorted lead dives in along side a chugging rhythm guitar. The crescendo of a vocal growl joins in the rock anthem. “There goes my hero”.  One could swear it was Grohl and the fellas.  Foo Fighters. 


In 2021, a seemingly alternate universe kind of year, Everlong was born.  Rocking at music venues all over Houston, TX, They bring their high-energy show to the stage and a refreshing take on Grohl and the guys to your ears.   This isn’t just another tribute band with a smattering of cover songs.  Everlong is a celebration of grunge, hard rock and alt rock as we know it. 

And we are 100% LIVE !!!!!  No backing tracks, no BS

Lead Vocal: James Curtis

Lead Guitar: Ryan Fernandez

Rhythm Guitar: Sid Taylor

Bass Guitar: Chris Granger

Drums: Carl "Trey" Pittman

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